Professional Boxing Helmet


The Guvnor Face Saver Head Guard is the ultimate in head and facial protection and an item favoured by professional boxers and mixed martial artists world wide. This top of the line professional head gear is made of premium cowhide leather with a steel bar that eliminates nose fractures and contact with the mouth area. The inner part of the head guard is a suede like lining with moisture wicking micro fibre technology combining excellent fit and comfort.

This head guard is almost certainly one of the best of its type ever created for professional boxers, martial artists and anyone wishing to avoid facial injuries in training.

  • Guvnor Face Saver Head Guard is:
  • Made of High-Grade Leather;
  • Layered Latex and Rubitex Padding
  • Solid Steel Frame
  • Extra-Wide Opening for Easier Breathing and the Best Vision Possible
  • Comfortable¬†Microfibre¬†Lining
  • Padded Chin Strap
  • Bidirectional Rear Adjustment Straps.
  • Circular Lace Top for the Best Fit Possible.